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29 July 2020


From a psychological perspective, most of us like to have our lives under control and without excessive shocks, the more predictable, the better; but reality is that new environments and situations force us to use unknown strategies and models, giving way to our fears and insecurities. Those are environments, in which we have to acquire new learnings and break with deeply rooted and difficult to transform habits, and it is precisely where fear of change can create that growth and learning opportunities pass by without us being able to see them.

It’s important to set in mind that fear is one of the primary emotions of the human being, a mechanism that helps us when we are faced to dangerous situations. Any change, whatever field, makes us feel fear or insecure and is something innate in human beings. The problem appears when that fear invades us in such a way that it controls us and doesn’t allow us to move forward or face new challenges: that harmful mixture of fear of failure, of not living up to new demands or being criticized by others. It’s important to clarify that the fight is not to overcome fear but to move forward despite it, because fear will always appear. Our challenge then, is not to let it paralyze us, but control our nerves and move on; although it’s difficult for us to see it and better said it than done it, change should be seen as an opportunity and not as a threat, it all depends on the attitude and perception that we have in the face of new situations and environments that are presented to us.

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Change essence is to improve, to look for alternatives that contribute to a better life standard, to nurture our environment, to positively transform multiple aspects of our daily lives. From this perspective, change becomes a stepping stone of infinite possibilities for growth. But, for that step effectively leverage our existence, it is imperative to expand our capacity for effective action and open ourselves to new ways of thinking, feeling and acting on our relationship with ourselves, others, our country, world and life.

To achieve this without fear of being wrong, continuous training is key, as is curiosity (the movement) to explore new scenarios and it’s a privilege that these ingredients are a reality for all of us who make part of the PersonalSoft community, that's why I’m convinced that we are prepared for the challenges posed by the world or at least, that should be our ATTITUDE, perhaps the most important part of all and my fundamental invitation as a pioneer of our PERSONALBLOG which I hope will be a space to challenge ourselves, meet us, read us, share and overcome our own fears.

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28 Julio 2020